Self-Publishing Ghostwritten Books

Many authors of ghostwritten books wonder whether to go the traditional publishing route or self-publish. My previous blog post addressed aspects of traditional publishing, and now we’ll explore self-publishing.

Publishing Ghostwritten Books

Tips for Self-Publishing Ghostwritten Books

Below is a list of helpful resource blog posts that go over self-publishing in great detail. Check them out, as they provide loads of information and take the mystery out of self-publishing.

Self-Publishing Tips

Self-Publishing Success

Traditional Publishing or Self-Publishing?

Five Reasons Why Book Editing Matters

There are many positives in the self-publishing journey. For instance, you retain control of your book project. You get to choose the cover design and back cover design and decide what content will appear within your book (a traditional publisher could very well remove or change content). You wordsmith your back cover blurb and Amazon listing description.

Thoughts and Ideas about Marketing

Even traditionally published authors are expected to help with marketing their books, and self-publishing is no different. You’ll be arranging, for instance, book signings, podcast appearances, radio spots, press releases, and more. Chances are, your ghostwriter can help you with these tasks or at least point you to resources.

Be sure and ask your ghostwriter every question you can think of. I appreciate questions and have a wealth of knowledge about the process.

Self-Publishing Book Formatting Referral

I recommend SuburbanBuzz Publishing as a resource for indie authors. Holly Chervnsik formats books to the appropriate trim size, provides ISBNs, designs the covers and full cover wraps, and uploads to Amazon. I’ve been working with her and referring author clients to her for more than a dozen years.

However, I also suggest that authors get at least three bids for formatting services. Check out websites and the services provided, as well as cost and turn-around time.

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