Five Reasons Why Book Editing Matters

Book editing matters for many reasons, and I’ve listed the top five (in my opinion) below. There is no substitute for an experienced book editor who has your best interests — and the best interests of your manuscript — at heart.

Book Editing Matters
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Book Editing Matters Because…

#1: A Second Pair of Eyes is invaluable

Just as two heads are better than one, so is an extra set of eyes to surveil for sneaky errors that crop up in manuscripts. Book editors tackle common issues such as subject-verb agreement, hyphenation, grammar and punctuation errors, and more. Higher-level developmental editing may involve conceptualization, characterization (fiction), and ancestral research (nonfiction).

#2: Objectivity Reigns

Professional book editors are independent and honest in their assessments. What matters to us is the quality of your manuscript. We are hired for our expertise and ability to collaborate on literary projects, and we provide rationale for our unbiased suggestions and opinions. Whether your book needs more humor, fact-checking, or structure, our job is to ferret out the issues and improve the content.

#3: Knowledge About Your Genre Comes in Handy

Expert-level book editors are highly trained and skilled. Many have English or journalism degrees, and some, like me, have pursued graduate-level coursework. We devote ourselves to the English language and the world of literature, including fiction (for instance, fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction, crime novels, mysteries), and nonfiction (biographies, essays, narrative nonfiction) works. Whatever the genre of your book, we understand industry standards and can help you hit all the high notes.

#4: Collaboration Builds a Book

“Teamwork makes the dream work” — an author once expressed this as we worked together on a ghostwriting project. Autobiographies, memoirs, and legacy books take authors and editors on a journey. Sometimes surprises pop up during ancestry searches, or clarification comes during research. The collaboration can be highly personal, which is why non-disclosure agreements are crucial and trust is the foundation of the project. Also, book editors are full of ideas and are great partners when it comes to brainstorming. We are part of your team and in your corner.

#5: You Need our Advice

Professional book editors are familiar with traditional publishing and self-publishing. We can point author clients to literary agents who are open to submissions, assist with book synopses and query letters, and help write back cover blurbs and Amazon listing descriptions for self-published books. In other words, our usefulness isn’t limited to just copyediting or even developmental editing. We know a lot about the world of words and can help in immeasurable ways.

Do You Need the Help of a Book Editor? Let’s Connect!

Contact me if you need help with book editing or ghostwriting. I’m glad to consult, brainstorm, evaluate, and collaborate! We’ll talk about scope, timeline, deliverables, and more! You can count on my services, my experience, and the vast amount of training I’ve undertaken to work in the world of words full-time.