National Book Month — Eyes on Ghostwriting Projects!

National Book Month is a great reminder to all emerging authors that starting (or finishing) ghostwriting projects is one of the most fulfilling experiences in life.

You may have a memoir in mind, a children’s book, or a historical fiction novel. Maybe you envision a romance tale or a sci-fi adventure. The honest truth is, books add to the lives of readers, and hiring a ghostwriter can make all the difference in jumpstarting your project (or crossing the finish line).

Perhaps you are stuck. Perhaps you are a great storyteller but lack a writing background. Sometimes authors procrastinate because they don’t have the time to write. Others may face physical obstacles such as illness or disability.

That doesn’t mean you can’t become an author! I can do the writing for you! If you’ve dreamed of having a book published, October 2022 is a window in which to make it happen!

Ghostwriting Projects — You Get Full Credit As Author

We hire plumbers, doctors, tutors, and others to help us in areas that are not our expertise. It makes sense to hire a ghostwriter for the same reason! A professional ghostwriter can take your idea, outline, or premise and craft it into a book you can be proud of. Wordsmithing is an art form, and a trained and experienced professional can take all kinds of ghostwriting projects to a new level.

Let’s Connect!

If you have ghostwriting projects in mind, consult with me! I’m happy to brainstorm ideas and discuss timelines and deliverables. You may have a gazillion questions about the process, and I’m here to provide answers.

I’m a great hand-holder and collaborator and have written several dozen books for authors. How can I help with yours? Let’s discuss your options and a way forward. Contact me today, and let’s get started!

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