Outsourced Legacy Books — Hire a Ghostwriter

Outsourced legacy books, meaning books ghostwritten for you and your family, are a great projects when your schedule is busy, or you’re not quite sure how to write a book. If you have a family story that must be shared with the world, then it benefits you to hire a ghostwriter. 

You can outsource the writing to a ghostwriter who can research public records and ancestry sites, comb through your documents and journals, and piece together the true life journeys of your forebears. Without them, life as you know it wouldn’t exist. 

Outsourced Legacy Books

Chronicling the Past

Did your ancestors blaze a trail, pioneer the landscape, or settle an area after immigrating to America? Maybe they survived and overcame incredible odds, and their journeys are the anchor in your family’s destiny. Perhaps your grandparents served in the military and deployed overseas, farmed for a living, or opened businesses.

Chances are that school teachers, craftsmen, nurses, traveling salesmen, homemakers, artists, lumberjacks, gardeners, domestic workers, and other types of tradespersons appear somewhere on your family tree. Did someone among them take a wrong turn? What was it like living through (or being a victim of) the American Revolution? The Emancipation Proclamation? The Spanish flu? The Great Depression? The world wars? Vietnam? What were their experiences?

Outsourced Legacy Books Captures Your Personal Story

It isn’t just your ancestral past that makes up a legacy book. Your part in it is also vital. Sometimes, legacy books have elements of a memoir or autobiography, meaning your trajectory appears in it, and that of the next generation. In fact, by writing your book, you are establishing your very own legacy. One day, you’ll leave behind this tremendously rich and revealing record for generations to follow.

What has your journey been like? My job as a ghostwriter is to capture it.

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I truly enjoy collaborating with authors on legacy book projects. Email me at melaniesaxton@icloud.com, and we’ll discuss your book’s premise, as well as timelines, deliverables, cost, and a way forward. I can’t wait to hear from you!