Sports Editing Services (Sports Journalism)

I’ve enjoyed a long career covering sports, ghostwriting the memoirs of athletes, copywriting sports-related material, and offering journalism and sports editing services to magazines and local newspapers.

Sports Editing Services

Sports Editing and Writing Services

Many of my sports journalism assignments have been from magazines with circulations in and around the Houston area, while book writing projects have been nationwide.

I ghostwrite autobiographies, biographies, memoirs, and legacy books for athletes, sports executives, and even notable sportscasters! I also edit their books. Consult with me if you have questions about your own sports-related literary work.

Short Sample of Sports Editing and Writing

Sports and Athletes

Minority Talent in Sports and Business

Sports Writing: An Interview with A.J. Foyt

Sports Editing: Football Great Dan Pastorini

Basketball Book Editor: A Journey Through the Glory Days

College Football Editor: A Baylor Retrospective

Press Release — The Pettis Norman Story

Autobiography Project — The Pettis Norman Story

Dallas Morning News Write Up

Lincoln Herald Write Up

Writing About Special Olympics in Honor of Down Syndrome Awareness Month

Coach Gary Joseph of the Katy Tigers

Names to Know

My favorite interviews include Coach Gary Joseph of the Katy Tigers, football great David Klinger, minor league baseball’s Caleb Ramsey, boxer and businessman George Foreman, Dan Pastorini of the Houston Oilers, pitching coach Dog Brocail of the Houston Astros, Jim Crane, owner of the Houston Astros, national runner Helene Neville, tennis champ Sherry Hale, tennis champ Sanaz Marand, cross country coach Amy Pitzell, racecar driver A.J. Foyt, racecar driver Alec Udell, racecar drivers Kristin and Kendall Bumbera, and dozens of others.

Every journey is unique, and it’s a real honor to cover the remarkable feats of these athletes.

See more samples here and here.

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