Basketball Book Editor: A Journey Through the Glory Days

basketball editor

Ron Hancock’s walk down memory lane certainly sharpened my skills as a sports book editor.

Basketball Book Editing — Armstrong Basketball

Awww! I love when clients become friends. It was quite a journey as a basketball book editor when Ron Hancock contacted me to work on his true-life manuscript. He’s a former basketball star and author of a memoir titled Armstrong Basketball: A Journey Through the Glory Days.

basketball editor

It was a huge privilege to work on Ron “Skippy” Hancock’s manuscript.

As a contributing editor for several magazines, I’ve had the honor of interviewing a slate of great athletes in football, baseball, lacrosse, tennis and more. In fact, I’ve been blogging on these experiences quite a lot lately.

But honestly, Ron’s story took my exposure to the sport to another level. I had to bone up on terms like fast break and field goal and full-court press. But that’s not all! I had to re-familiarize myself with player positions: point guard, shooting guard, center, forward-center, etc.

But seeing the 1970s glory days through Ron’s eyes added an element of nostalgia and a brand new appreciation for the pressures of competing in college basketball, especially a fairly new program. The “coming of age” aspects of a teenager navigating an adult world in a college town was quite heartfelt.

So, when Ron sent me an autographed copy, it was an opportunity to hold the newly-published book in my hand and enjoy, once again, his recollections of how he was shaped into a superior athlete. His home life, the loss of his father, his admiration for his resilient mother, his siblings, and his various coaches all played a crucial role in propelling him toward greatness. 

Check out Ron’s website at Many thanks to for doing such a fabulous job with formatting the book, designing the cover, photo permissions, and publishing!

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