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Lincoln Herald
Lincoln Herald

What a wonderful story by the Lincoln Herald on football legend and author, Pettis Norman.

I appreciate that the Lincoln Herald quoted me in the article:

According to its [the book’s] editor, Melanie Saxton, you won’t want to miss this.

“Imagine,” Saxton said Saturday, “sitting down with an old-school Dallas Cowboy and hearing tales about the early days: the plays, the teammates, Coach (Tom) Landry, the Ice Bowl, Super Bowl V and much more. Then imagine if other players weighed in and gave you an insider’s view from the field. This is precisely what you can expect in Pettis Norman’s autobiography, filled with stories that capture the blood, sweat and tears that built a legacy on and off the field. The book is available on Amazon, just in time for Christmas.”


“He devotes a great amount of his book to those early years,” Saxton said of Lincolnton. “It was a wonderful place to grow up.”

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It’s gratifying that the far-flung press releases I wrote and deployed on Pettis’ behalf are circulating so well. Pettis is so well known, however, that the “news” often finds him! For instance, the Dallas Morning News wrote an incredible piece on his life story — one of the longest and most thorough journalistic endeavors that I have ever seen.

I also greatly expanded Pettis’ Wikipedia page and will be uploading his image soon. You can check out his awesome blog here, and his Facebook page as well.

If you want to know what all the buzz is about… buy the bookThe Pettis Norman Story: From the Cotton Fields to the Cotton Bowl and Into Servant Leadsership.

And contact me to collaborate on your book project. I’m glad to be of service!

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