World Letter Writing Day — Write Your Autobiography

Write Your Autobiography

September 1, 2022, marks World Letter Writing Day, an occasion that may prompt you to write your autobiography — especially if you have handwritten letters, notes, diaries, journals, postcards, documents, public records, and historical archives from “back in the day.” Everything “jotted down” becomes incredibly valuable as a written verification of sorts — especially typed memos and references in newspapers and magazines.

In other words, written missives provide authenticity, credibility, and proof of events that occurred in our past. Sure, personal recollections of milestones and occasions are also important, just as memories and oral records that are passed down from generation to generation. Yet, there’s nothing quite as compelling as written statements, including letters written in the past and the letters you might write to friends, family, and colleagues today.

World Letter Writing Day

Richard Simpkin founded World Letter Writing Day in 2014. He visits schools to do letter writing workshops with kids. He encourages children & adults to take a break from social media & write a letter to someone. Richard & his son Oliver appeared on Studio 10 in September 2019 to talk about why its important to write letters.

Write Your Autobiography — And Ask For Help If You Need It

If you want to write your autobiography and need help, consider consulting with a ghostwriter — an anonymous writing consultant who prepares your life story for publication. Ghostwriters organize letters and other written assets, create a story arc, research, assist in fact-checking, interview you and notable others, and put together your manuscript.

A professional ghostwriter can wordsmith your adventures in an engaging manner that interests readers, and most importantly, help you launch your true life story into the universe. After all, not everyone is born a writer, although nearly everyone has a book-worthy history. Hiring a ghostwriter ensures that you will make a mark in the literary world and leave behind a “written footprint.”

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You may have lots of questions about the autobiography writing process. You may have questions about ghostwriting services, timelines, deliverables, and costs. I am happy to discuss your autobiography with you, whether you need a ghostwriter or a book editor, and answer your questions.

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