Cozy Mystery Book Day — Copyedit Your Book

Copyedit Your Book
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There’s no better day than Cozy Mystery Book Day to write and copyedit your book! In addition to being Cozy Mystery Book Day, September 15, 2022, happens to be Agatha Christie’s birthday. This great detective fiction writer and bestselling author of all time was born September 15, 1890, and passed away January 12, 1976. What a powerful prompt to make headway on your project!

Cozy Mystery Book Day and Celebrating the Detective Genre

If you’ve conceptualized a great cozy mystery novel, suspense thriller, crime thriller, or detective book, then the next steps are outlining a juicy story arc and developing engaging characters. Once your book has been edited, you are on the way to being a published author. Your readers will be turning the pages before you know it!

.All the great mystery authors have taken this path of development despite the woes of writing blocks and rewrites. They persevered to launch the following masterpieces (cozy murder mysteries, hardcore crime novels, and suspenseful detective fiction):

Agatha Christie — Murder on the Orient Express

Arthur Conan Doyle — The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Daphne du Maurier — Rebecca

Dashiell Hammett — The Maltese Falcon

James Patterson — The People Vs. Alex Cross

Jessica Fletcher — Murder, She Wrote

John Grisham — The Pelican Brief

Stieg Larsson — The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Truman Capote — In Cold Blood

The Key? Copyedit Your Book!

Don’t worry about the grammatical and punctuation issues in your manuscript. That’s what editors are for. Whether you need to copyedit your book or have it developmentally evaluated, the key is to hire a professional, objective second pair of eyes to surveil for errors. For instance, an editor can identify plot gaps, suggest content that will elevate your novel, and guide you through the process of polishing your book.

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