National Literacy Month — Write Your Manuscript

Write your manuscript
National Literacy Month
Write Your Manuscript

Whether you have conceptualized a children’s book or plan to pen a memoir, September is a great month to write your manuscript. It’s National Literacy Month as well as Read a New Book Month and Be Kind to Editors and Writers Month — quite a motivating time to tackle literary projects!

Authors and editors (like me), as well as readers themselves, have reason to celebrate the wonderful journey of writing, editing, and reading books. It’s like a big, warm, collective hug, with all the parties participating in the journey.

According to the Pennsylvania State Education Association

“September is National Literacy Month, a time to encourage the young people in your life to go to the library, pick up a good book, and explore new worlds.

By getting books in the hands of kids, you can help engage these young readers in their learning and help them see how school, community, and the world beyond are connected. That is one way that parents, educators, and other caring adults join forces to meet the needs of the whole child.

So, take your youngest reader to the library, get some great books, and sit down together to read out loud. Help your more advanced readers find books they’ll enjoy on their own. You can even set up an account with your local library to borrow e-books that can be downloaded to smartphones, tablets, or laptops. Kids can get new books to read sitting in their living rooms.

Take time to share the reading experience with the children in your life. Ask them to read their favorite books to you and then ask questions about them. Talk about your favorite books and authors, and ask your young readers about theirs. You might be surprised how much fun it can be for both you and the children in your life.”

Pennsylvania State Education Association

Write Your Manuscript

One amazing thing about becoming an author is that you make a permanent stamp on the body of literature and leave a legacy of words. I help authors ghostwrite and edit their books, making them ready for publication and a big launch into the universe.

Contact me today to learn more about the writing and editing process. You may have questions about cost, timelines, and deliverables, and I’m happy to consult with you.