Outsource Your Book to a Ghostwriter

This is my very last blog post of 2022, and is focused on the many, many good reasons to outsource your book to a ghostwriter.

Outsourcing saves time and energy and spares authors (especially first-time authors) a thousand frustrations. A trained, skilled, and highly experienced ghostwriter will manage your project, and conceptualize, develop, and oversee the details. Keeping a project on track means deadlines are met, and your book can be pitched to literary agents (or go the self-publishing route).

Ghostwriters are anonymous. We provide a service, usually white-labeled, and all the credit is yours. After all, it is YOUR book!


Outsource Your Book


Outsource Your Book and Strike It Off Your Bucket List!

Cheers to new beginnings and fresh starts in 2023. What a great feeling to finally tackle your fiction novel, historical fiction novel, autobiography, memoir, corporate book, legacy book, or other literary projects.

My job is to collaborate, gather the details, and sort through the chronology of your life experiences. Your one-of-a-kind journey deserves to be captured for historical value. No one has lived through local, national, and global events quite like you, and I’ll be looking at news archives and publicly available data to find information.

Many authors include a dive into their lineage as well. The personal value can’t be overstated — your book is a gift to your children, grandchildren, and future generations who will know who they are and from where they sprung as they read about you and their ancestors.

Let’s Discuss the Many Ways I Can Assist You

I love to consult with authors about their memoirs, autobiographies, legacy books, and more! You may have questions about timelines. You may have questions about deliverables. You may have questions about the process. I’m happy to answer your questions and explain everything in detail (especially after working in the literary realm for nearly 40 years).

Contact me at melaniesaxton@icloud.com, and let’s get started!