Ghostwriting Packages

Just as there are numerous methods to ghostwrite a book, there should be ghostwriting packages and options to pay for the service. My ghostwriting packages are author-friendly and accommodate clients according to their needs, schedules, and budgets.

ghostwriting packages

Customized Ghostwriting Packages and Options

Usually, ghostwriters are hired because an author needs help creating or completing a manuscript. Ghostwriting “done right” is an expensive endeavor, taking six months to two years to complete. It can involve conceptualization, development, massive research, and working from documents, publicly accessible records, news archives, genealogy sites, file-share systems, emails, and virtual meetings. It always includes phone calls and text messages and may involve interviewing family members and colleagues.

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Then check out standard industry rates in the U.S. and Canada:

Ghostwriting Price Quotes — Per Lynn Wasnak

Ghostwriter Costs — Canada

Over the decades, after ghostwriting nearly 30 books, I’ve been able to put together helpful options that work for most authors and make these projects possible.

I customize quotes for ghostwriting packages according to:

  • Degree of difficulty — ancestry research, long story spans (perhaps beginning in the 1930s or ’40s), third-party interviews, legal teams, transcription, dual or multiple languages, requirements to meet in person (travel, fly)
  • Assets or lack thereof provided by the author — documents, background information, chronology, etc.
  • Availability of the author to consult and promptly respond to emails or phone calls
  • Project deadline (often hinging on payment plans)
  • Faith component — I usually take 10% off for books with a religious/spiritual theme
  • First responder component — I usually take 10% off for books by military, law enforcement, or medical servant leaders

Option A

Full Payment — not recommended, although some authors prefer it.

Option B

Half down, half upon completion

Option C

Four equal payments, starting with the first as downpayment, and three invoices thereafter as we work toward the project deadline.

Option D

A payment plan spanning as many months as necessary (typically a year), generally with a downpayment and equal monthly invoices until the project completes.

Other Options

I rarely ever accept royalties in lieu of payment or agree to “trading services,” but feel free to inquire anyway.

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