International Ghostwriter

As an international ghostwriter, it’s tremendously gratifying when authors rely on me to create their manuscripts, including autobiographies, memoirs, and legacy books. My goal is to write in their voices with their visions in mind, and honor their journeys.

I’ve had wonderful collaborations with clients in the United States, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, and Germany, and look forward to many more. Some overseas businesses, too, have hired me to “Americanize” their content or wordsmith fresh new content for their audiences.

International Ghostwriter
I love working with authors from all cultures and bringing their stories alive through ghostwriting and editing.

From Anywhere in the World

Thanks to cyberspace, we are all interconnected. My projects are usually accomplished remotely, with interactions with clients through email, phone calls, virtual meetings, file-sharing systems like Dropbox, and even copies of documents “snail mailed” to my home office.

In other words, time zones and distance are no longer obstacles, and we can collaborate remotely with ease. However, at times some clients fly into Houston, Texas, to meet with me. At other times, they fly me in to meet with them!

In general, the bulk of the work gets done by collaborating in whatever manner the client chooses. I add guidance and perspective through decades of experience and share best practices to expedite the process.

International Ghostwriter Services — A Practical Solution

I feel very fortunate to work with authors from all walks of life and learn about their cultures, customs, and experiences. Translating these journeys into an autobiography or memoir requires experience and a vast wordsmithing skillset. I’ve worked in the world of words for nearly 40 years and have watched the publishing industry evolve from strictly traditional to hybrid and self-publishing. The technology is amazing, and opportunities abound.

You can count on me for conceptualization, development, research, fact-checking, and, if appropriate, deep dives into ancestry and genealogy. I look at publically available data, and news archives, and can interview family members and colleagues to fill in gaps.

The most vital component of these projects is capturing memories and scenarios before they are lost to time. Autobiographies and memoirs preserve history and family legacies for generations to come.

Let’s Connect!

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