National Book Editing

I’m happy to provide national book editing and copyediting services to authors in all 50 states and U.S. territories, in both American English and British English. What a thrill to collaborate on these fantastic projects, which include fiction and nonfiction books, white papers, web copy, and more!

National Book Editing
The majority of my projects involve editing a complete (or nearly complete) manuscript that might need developmental editing, line editing, copyediting, substantive editing, or researching and fact-checking. At other times, I write fresh, compelling copy for books, marketing campaigns, advertorials, and more. I specialize in nearly every genre, with an emphasis on autobiographies, memoirs, legacy books, and historical fiction.

International in Addition to National Book Editing

The majority of my clients reside in the United States, although I’ve enjoyed wonderful collaborations with authors in Australia, Canada, and Europe. Some authors and companies overseas hire me to “Americanize” their text. Others need assistance in creating fresh and never-before-published content. Whether these clients publish traditionally or traditionally (as in-self-publish or hybrid publishing), I’m honored to help.

I have trained extensively beyond an English degree and graduate coursework to that I can pick up on the nuances of language and edit accordingly.

Most of this work is accomplished remotely, although I can, upon request, meet with authors face-to-face when they travel to Houston. Occasionally, an author might fly me out of state for strategy meetings and updates, or to interview people for inclusion in books. Whatever the case, I try my best to accommodate people’s schedules.

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