Outsourced Autobiographies — Ghostwriting for Families

Outsourced autobiographies are a wonderful way to capture your journey and your family’s history.

Many people have amazing stories to tell but aren’t sure how to write a book. That’s where I come in. I work with authors all over the world to create memoirs, autobiographies, biographies, legacy books, and even historical fiction, who outsource the writing to me.

Outsourced Autobiographies
Many autobiographies are written to capture family history, lore, and passages through time. Some include a dive into ancestry, roots, and genealogical documentation. Grandparents, especially, want to leave behind a legacy for their loved ones, including grandchildren, so that their special heritage lives on. Outsourced autobiographies fulfill this goal, entrusting a ghostwriter to research journeys, adventures, challenges, and lessons learned.

Outsourced Autobiographies Simplify the Process

It’s not easy being on your own when you are trying to write an autobiography. The process can seem overwhelming or even impossible. It’s good to have an experienced ghostwriter onboard who handles the details.

I work from your documents, journals, diaries, records, and memories. I often interview family members, friends, and colleagues to identify recollections that may otherwise fall through the cracks. I research and fact-check information and sources, such as newspapers and archives, and make use of publicly available data.

Most of the project falls on my shoulders, including the chronology and story arc development. Throughout, I write in your voice and with your vision in mind. The end result is an amazing book, filled with a treasure trove of never-to-be-forgotten stories — straight out of your family’s history.

Collaboration Throughout the Project

There is no “cookie-cutter” assembly line way to write an autobiography or memoir. Each project is unique, and so are the ways of capturing details.

Some authors snail mail me boxes of documentation. Many share documents and photos in a file-share system like Dropbox. Others email me scanned copies of paperwork. All interact with me through phone conversations, text messages, and virtual meetings.

It’s a delight to interact with my author clients, and the more I do, the better I know your voice. Writing in your voice is paramount because your family, friends, and colleagues will notice and recognize the way you turn a phrase!

Contact me about Outsourced Autobiographies and Other Writing Projects

I look forward to collaborating with you. Send me an email at melaniesaxton@icloud.com, and let’s get started!