Ghostwriting Service

I’m constantly amazed at the stories entrusted to my ghostwriting service. It’s an honor each and every time I begin a manuscript. As the story arcs unfold and the milestones are captured, a wonderful thing happens…an autobiography comes to life!

Ghostwriting Service
Count on my ghostwriting service for your next autobiography, memoir, legacy book, historical fiction, and more.

Sometimes the project involves a memoir, legacy book, or a never-before-published narrative. Sometimes the project is fiction rather than nonfiction — historical fiction or a novel in any genre. The bottom line is that my ghostwriting service helps authors of all backgrounds complete their masterpieces.

A specialized Skillset

A professional ghostwriter is called to conceptualize, research, develop, write, and edit books. In addition to this calling comes training. I’m a highly trained and experienced ghostwriter who earned a bachelor’s degree in English and pursued graduate coursework in digital media. I’ve been active in the literary realm for more than 40 years, well before there was a little bookseller site called Amazon!

Thus, I’ve watched the field of writing and publishing grow, and was involved as it evolved from strictly traditional publishing to self-publishing and hybrid publishing.

I’ve also trained extensively in copyediting and journalism, and write for monthly magazines in the Houston, Texas, area. If it has words, I’m involved, and there are never any dull moments.

Written in Your Voice

Readers of your autobiography or memoir should recognize your voice and even visualize your mannerisms. My job is to make the magic happen and create a manuscript that captures your journey — the highs, lows, and lessons learned. Your book can also honor your ancestors and include a genealogical perspective, honoring your roots.

Are You In Need of a Ghostwriting Service?

I love to consult with first-time authors and take them through the steps of creating their books. Every story is unique, and there is no “one size fits all” formula. However, the basics include timelines, deliverables, and a process to capture all the details.

If this sounds intriguing, contact me today, and let’s get started!