Texas Ghostwriting Service

Texas Ghostwriting Service

Thank you for visiting this page about my Texas ghostwriting service.

I am a texas-based ghostwriter and book editor with clients worldwide, including Canada, Australia, and Europe.

Below are links that describe what ghostwriting is, what it entails, and the services I provide.

Over the years, this collection of blog posts has grown, and I hope it’s useful!

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Contact Me About My Texas Ghostwriting Service and the Many Ways I Can Assist You

I love to consult with authors about their memoirs, autobiographies, legacy books, and more! You may have questions about timelines. You may have questions about deliverables. You may have questions about the process. I’m happy to answer your questions and explain everything in detail (especially after working in the literary realm for nearly 40 years).

Contact me at melaniesaxton@icloud.com, and let’s get started!