Outsourced Ghostwriting Projects

The Many Benefits of Hiring a Ghostwriter

Many writers become published authors because they outsourced ghostwriting projects as a solution to time restraints, writer’s block, procrastination, illness or disability, or a lack of book writing know-how.

Outsourcing simply means you hire a ghostwriting consultant to pen your autobiography, memoir, legacy book, historical fiction novel, true-life mystery, or any other genre.

Outsourced Ghostwriting
Outsourced ghostwriting gets your project off the ground and into the literary realm.

Think of ghostwriting as white labeling. Corporations frequently hire third parties for national marketing campaigns, web development, background searches, or other specialized roles — without the third-party consultant being mentioned. The same goes for ghostwriting. I’m your anonymous consultant who white labels my services, meaning you are the credited author of your book. I’m not mentioned at all unless the author gives me an editor credit.

Outsourced ghostwriting makes sense when you want to save time, nip the procrastination in the bud, and finally get your book written.

Filling the Gap in Skillsets

Experienced ghostwriters have many projects under their belts, charge industry-standard rates, and can share a treasure trove of background information when your book is ready to launch. For instance, I’ve been working in the world of words for more than 35 years and watched the industry evolve. I’ve trained beyond a Bachelor’s degree in English with graduate coursework in digital media, simply because today’s authors need advanced insights into the publishing industry, particularly if they wish to self-publish.

As for traditional publishing, I often assist with finding literary agents open to submissions in particular genres, help write query letters (a precise task that should be customized based on an agent’s submission requirements), and write book synopses when required by the agent. In most cases, these services are included in my ghostwriting fee.

Sometimes authors request that I assist with rolling out their books in the form of copywriting press releases, e-blasts, website content and SEO, and blogging. They might request that I help respond to written questions from reporters, help arrange book signings, and find podcasts or radio spots in which to be featured.

Let’s Connect

Hiring an experienced, reputable ghostwriter means you don’t have to take on these tasks by yourself. You have a team in your corner.