Autobiography Ghostwriting

If you’d like to write your life story but aren’t sure how, then autobiography ghostwriting is a service you should explore!

I ghostwrite autobiographies, memoirs, and legacy books for clients of every background, from business leaders to athletes to government officials. People who have faced extraordinary challenges, such as rare diseases and harrowing adventures, have also trusted me with their books. Yet many of my favorite projects involved ordinary people who documented seemingly ordinary lives…except they weren’t ordinary at all! Some of the settings wove fresh narratives into historical timelines and injected fascinating bird’s-eye views that had never before been shared!

And by the way, YOU are the author. I’m the anonymous consultant (the ghost, the scribe, and your writing assistant). You’ll be very proud of your book once it’s finished, and you deserve 100% of the credit for ensuring it was written in your voice and with your vision.

Autobiography Ghostwriting
My family, with my parents in the middle (a former Airman and engineer, and a former registered nurse).

Many autobiographies mention ancestry and lineage. Your book could include stories about beloved family members (past and present), as well as messages to those not yet born. Family history, roots, and legacy are easily lost to time if not documented and preserved. An autobiography is a wonderful way to ensure those memories live on.

Autobiography Ghostwriting Preserves Your Journey for Posterity

The thing most authors have in common is a desire to capture special moments, milestones, hardships, near misses, medical miracles, corporate achievements, military service, and more — and share victories, defeats, and lessons learned (sometimes the hard way). In other words, every autobiography adds to the worldwide body of literature and infuses perspectives that would otherwise remain unknown.

The bottom line is that you are unique. You’ve led a life no one else has. Your autobiography is a record for the ages, a memento, and a slice of life that can be handed down for generations. It organizes a lifetime of details and places your most significant accomplishments in one place — your book!

Autobiography ghostwriting projects document your life experiences for the benefit of your family, your industry, and the general public, including fans of the genre itself. Readers worldwide enjoy learning from the experiences of others, and some focus on autobiographies as their favorite books.

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