Remote Ghostwriting Service

Some people wonder how something as intimate as ghostwriting a memoir can be done through a remote ghostwriting service. Or, how an autobiography can be shaped when the ghostwriter lives across the country or across the globe.

The answer is, a trained and highly skilled ghostwriter works from interviews, notes, and the documents provided by the author client. A professional ghostwriter is also a researcher and can track down ancestry, public records, newspaper archives, and hard-to-find details to shape a book’s chronology and story arc. A ghostwriter is also a fact-checker and can research the accuracy of family lore and faded memories. Often, a surprise or two crops up!

And by the way, let me be clear that I’m a ghostwriter and NOT the author of your book. YOU are the author. I serve as an anonymous consultant who helps turn your dream of authorship into a reality.

Remote Ghostwriting Service

Remote Ghostwriting Service Details

For me personally, I focus on writing from my home office, often in solitude, to create a memoir, autobiography, or legacy book. This doesn’t mean I don’t occasionally travel for meetings — I certainly do. Indeed, I’ve flown to meet clients, and clients have flown to meet me, sometimes on several occasions.

But generally, phone calls, Skype, Go To Meetings, emails, Dropbox folders, emails, text messages, and other communication methods create just the right atmosphere for productivity and inspiration. If I’m lacking information, my clients and I work on finding answers. Sometimes this means I interview extended family members, friends, colleagues, and whomever else the author points me to. Collaboration is key!

As for time zones, I accommodate them all. My office hours are noon to midnight Central Standard Time (CST), and I respond to inquiries as soon as possible.

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