Houston Ghostwriting Service

My Houston ghostwriting service is a great adventure! From physicians needing autobiographies to professional athletes needing memoirs to corporate creatives with a fiction novel concept, I’ve written for them all!

I have many ghostwriting clients in the Houston area, across the country, in Canada, and overseas in Europe and Australia. What’s the one common denominator? The authors have great stories but need help with the writing.

Many of these author clients are extremely busy. Some have brilliant careers but are not professional writers. Others have health or medical concerns that prevent them from keyboarding their adventures.

That’s where I come in, providing a Houston ghostwriting service that assists remote clients anywhere, in any time zone.

Houston Ghostwriting Service
Count on my Houston ghostwriting service for professional and highly skilled expertise.

Office Hours

With a worldwide clientele, I answer inquiries as soon as possible. I’m technically open from noon to midnight, Central Standard Time (CST). This seems to be the best solution for my 24/7/365 author clients, and also businesses that hire me to “Americanize” their websites and white papers.

And yes, I do a lot of work in the wee hours, when I can focus on manuscripts with minimal disruption (except for my pets, who think they are my writing assistants).

An Odd Niche Service

All I do is write and edit — mainly books, but also magazine articles, blog posts, social media, and academic papers. This is a full-time endeavor, and, more importantly, a calling. Not everyone can write for a living, and not everyone is compelled to train and study as a writing professional. That’s why a niche service like mine touches so many lives. I’m here for both massive and small projects and approach each job with professional skillsets and specific knowledge.

That’s why I chose English as a major for my bachelor’s degree and digital media for my graduate coursework. You can trust me to handle your unique manuscript or writing assignments with the utmost care.

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