Defeat Writer’s Block with These Tips, Tricks, and Tools

I previously blogged on the topic of how to defeat writer’s block, emphasizing my own arsenal of remedies (listed way below). From citrus aromas to tiled patterns to quotes from favorite authors, these personal go-to’s jumpstart my brain, for whatever reason.

Yes, writer’s block can be enigmatic. A mystery. And a one-size-fits-all solution simply doesn’t exist. Yet, it’s a common occurrence in the writing community, and every tip and trick out there is worth trying.

That’s why I was excited to stumble upon another excellent resource —

defeat writer's block

Visit and see if this resource helps in your term searches and wordsmithing.


defeat writer's block 

“You can’t think yourself out of a writing block; you have to write yourself out of a thinking block.” ~ John Rogers  



Resources that Defeat Writer’s Block Can Simply Point Us to Elusive Words

In my experience, the hunt for the right words can be the greatest obstacle during tight deadlines and complex writing projects, and this excellent online thesaurus-type tool ( is extremely useful. It reminds me of a candy store — there is just SO much offered! Type in your topic, and voila! Dozens and dozens of variations of words appear — the precise words that escaped you just seconds ago! Tons of colloquialisms, monosyllables, and industry-specific terms are suddenly at your fingertips.

It might be helpful to share links to other resources as well. Also, check out these articles from my blog and see if they help:

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