“Stuck” in Writing Projects? Don’t Worry.

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You CAN meet the deadline on your writing projects.

Do your writing projects ever feel “stuck?” As the graphic alludes, getting stuck can be a nuisance — a waste of time, or worse, a deal killer. What if you have a deadline? What if you HAVE to deliver … even though the spigot has shut off?

Yes, you CAN meet your timeline and deliverables

I previously weighed in with solutions for  writer’s block, but this post is a bit different. It addresses how I power through an assignment or deadline without sacrificing my writing or editing quality, no matter the circumstances. Granted, I’ve worked in the world of words for more than three decades and have developed coping mechanisms over time. But even novice writers and editors can benefit from a few of these tips.

Distractions Can Work in Your Favor

Common sense dictates that you take care of the obvious physical needs. Chances are, you might lack sleep if you are up against tight deadlines, but you can still hydrate, shut off distractions, consume caffeine, etc.

Wait … cut off distractions? What if the distractions can’t be shut off? In this event, you can orchestrate a scenario in which they work for you, not against you. Cooper is a great example.

Anyone who knows me is familiar with my rescue work and love for animals. That’s how I ended up with Cooper — a hyper dachshund mix with ear-piercing barks and a mind of his own. He was a five-week-old puppy when Hurricane Harvey hit. My niece is an animal paramedic and rescued his litter during the awful flooding. And then she put a call out to family and relative to find homes for the pups. I couldn’t say no — after all, everyone in the Houston area was pulling together to help neighbors and the affected animal population.

Well, Cooper’s antics became a distraction … until I put his hyperactivity to use. I took him on walks to tamp down his energy level, and in the process came home with a nap-ready dog and a now-focused mind. In other words, those short breaks recharged me while at the same time depleting Cooper’s energy level. I could work in focused peace on my writing projects — the distractions became beneficial.

Gearing up for Writing Projects

What if you have simultaneous writing projects? Well, my personal experiences point me to another quote:

“The best thing for my creative process is a deadline.” ~ Jeff MacNelly, political cartoonist

So, rather than look at deadlines with dread, we can be inspired by them. It’s a race to do good work within a particular time frame and forces us to draw deeply within our professional reserves … and I do mean professional. A professional writer and editor becomes a writing machine — not robotic, but rather a powerhouse. Over time, we learn to bear down and achieve. It may require sleepless nights and lots of productivity in the wee hours. But that’s our lot in life and something we’ve chosen.

The reward is a well-written manuscript and a happy client.

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