YA Editor Project: Misfit’s Rise

YA Fantasy Editor

I thoroughly enjoyed my role as YA editor for the fantasy fiction novel “Misfit’s Rise.”

I’m often blessed with the most awesome projects, and being hired as a YA editor by author Sara E. Tall was one of those moments.

Sara’s book “Misfit’s Rise” is listed on Amazon and begins with a bang:

From the get go, the clever wordsmithing caught my eye. A zany cast of misfit characters either tugged at my heart or had me cheering for the protagonist, a young teen girl named Billie. As a YA novel, this one rose to the surface as something crafted with finesse — a high schooler who didn’t fit in, an otherworldly realm, tests of bravery  … but most of all, magic.

Emerging and talented authors often cut their teeth in YA fantasy, some with great results. I admit, I’m a fan of the genre but I rarely review books, especially books I’ve edited. In this instance, I made an exception based on a personal litmus test:

Could I recommend this novel to my daughter? The answer was YES.

How did my college and career-minded daughter respond? Granted, she’s quite discerning (and picky) about what she reads. But the verdict was — she loved the sweeping scenes far removed from our familiar existence … the flight of fancy into another dimension and a fantastical plot that twisted more than once. The villains were as horrid as both she and I could have possibly imagined. Best of all, the cliffhanger ending had us wondering about a sequel … or even a series.

Do you need a YA editor?

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