August 9 is National Book Lovers Day — Memoir Ghostwriter

August 9, 2022, is a special day honoring readers who love books of all genres (including manuscripts written by yours truly as a memoir ghostwriter). Consider developing your memoir now so that it, too, can become a beloved book.

Memoir Ghostwriter

Memoirs are a blessing in the world of literature and give us wonderful escapes into the lives of notable people. Instead of picking up a sci-fi novel or a romance, consider reading a memoir. You might just be surprised when a memoir offers whimsy, poignancy, raw truth, advice, and a glimpse into history of which you weren’t aware. I agree with Haruki Murakami, a Japanese writer, who said, “If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking.”

Memoirs capture unique journeys and historical adventures before they are lost to time. From military memoirs to transformational, travel, medical, confessional, and professional memoirs, authors put themselves under a microscope, so to speak, and share their backstories with readers.

On the very last day of August, the 31st, many memoirists, ghostwriters, and editors will celebrate “We Love Memoirs Day” by tackling new projects, whether they be memoirs, autobiographies, or biographies.

I should note the differences between the three.

  • Memoirs involve a span of time or a “slice of life” wherein notable occurrences have taken place, and are written firsthand by the author who experienced the event(s).
  • Autobiographies involve an entire lifetime to the present time (some go back further into lineage and ancestry) and are also written as a firsthand account of the author’s personal experiences.
  • Biographies are written by third parties about living or deceased entities, sometimes authorized and sometimes unauthorized.

Tips from a Memoir GhostWriter

Gather your notes, diaries, and journals. Jot down notable dates, times, and events. Some authors record memories as they occur and share them with me to transcribe. My job as a memoir ghostwriter is to organize these assets, attend to the chronology, assist with ancestry searches and fact-checking, write in your voice, and put together your memoir while collaborating with you throughout the process.

Let’s Connect

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