Ghostwriting Project Services and Testimonials

Ghostwriting Project Services

My ghostwriting project services and white-label collaborations involve non-disclosure agreements. They remain highly confidential, and I remain anonymous (thus, the “ghost” in “ghostwriter.”


You’ll see positive book editing feedback from dozens and dozens of authors on my Testimonials page, and you might wonder about feedback for ghostwriting projects. Because ghostwriting is an anonymous service bound by confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, I do not mention the manuscripts I’m privileged to write on behalf of authors (although some do give me an editor’s credit).

28 Books and Counting

Yes, ghostwriting (and white labeling) involves anonymous work from my end, and, therefore, any praise and thanks from my author clients remain confidential. However, the fact that I’ve ghostwritten 28 books attests to my experience and skill set, and my plentiful blogging on the topic demonstrates know-how. After nearly four decades of working in the world of words, I’ve managed to accumulate a lot of insights into best practices.

Imagine the honor of being entrusted with the telling of someone’s life story. It’s a huge honor and responsibility and can be an intricate process.

Autobiographies, memoirs, and legacy books are custom projects, and there is no cookie-cutter formula. Some are compiled from notes, journals, diaries, etc. Others include documents, both personal and corporate. Publicly accessible records and genealogical information might also be part of the story arc, or oral legend and lore passed down through generations.

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It’s truly an honor to collaborate with authors who have lived amazing lives. If you need help with your book project, please contact me. Let’s discuss your story and plan a way forward.