Family Library Legacy Books — Capture Your Family’s Journey

Family library legacy books aren’t necessarily found on Amazon or in bookstores. These types of books are often written for private archives and family libraries, detailing history and chronicling ancestral and present-day experiences. They can also capture your part of the narrative — your contributions, experiences, and personal backstory.

In other words, a legacy book might be written just for your children, grandchildren, and future generations, and NOT the general public. It’s an opportunity to pass along everything that made your family special, from challenges and obstacles to achievements and overcoming.


Family Library Legacy Books

I help authors write their unique legacy books and capture family backstories for posterity.


Family Library Legacy Books Can Clarify History and Give Perspective

What if your family’s journey is already out in cyberspace but incorrect or incomplete? With the internet ablaze with every topic imaginable (and lots of blogs), information can and does get distorted or lack context at times. Sometimes old news stories need updating. The same goes for outdated records.

If accuracy is important and you wish to take control of your life stories and family history, then your legacy book can act as a definitive source. Authors can explore, affirm, correct, or expand upon family tales and experiences to set the record straight.

Leave the Worrying to Me!

If you aren’t sure how to tackle this type of story arc, don’t worry. That’s where I come in! As a professional ghostwriter and editor, my job is to gather, interview, organize, and fact-check (as much as possible) information that belongs in your book.

From diaries, letters, and journals to old photos and press clippings — and also data from and other genealogical sites — I work through this beautiful and riveting information and wordsmith your legacy book.

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