Let’s Write Your Family Book

Write Your Family Book

There is no better time to write your family book. From ancestry.com information and details from other genealogy sites to publicly accessible records, your manuscript can encompass the richness of the past and bless future generations.


How do you write your family book? You might have diaries and journals for reference. You might have word-of-mouth stories that can be transcribed into a manuscript. You might have boxes of photos, postcards, and letters. And you undoubtedly have your own memories.

It may seem overwhelming to organize a lifetime of content into a book. Maybe writing isn’t your strong suit. Perhaps you’re busy and struggle to find time to compile narratives, facts, and even the tall tales your grandmother once told.

That’s where I come in.

Let’s Write Your Family Book— I Can Help!

One of my very favorite projects is working with authors and compiling their journeys. It takes wordsmithing skills, organizational know-how, and ghostwriting experience. These very special books are passed down from generation to generation — a cherished trove of true-life adventures with historical significance.

How will your successors know the deeper nuances of their ancestors’ lives without a record of who, what, when, where, why, and how? Family books, also called legacy books, fill voids that would otherwise remain mysteries. They educate and provide context but also bring color and vibrancy into the lives of those left behind. There’s nothing more comforting (and satisfying) than flipping the pages of a book and finding a favorite quote, a favorite witticism, or a favorite recipe!

Before Memories Are Lost to Time…

Sadly, the deeper backstories of my own grandparents are largely unknown. I should have interviewed them, but I thought they’d live forever. And when they passed, so did a universe of experiences that only they could tell. And now I wonder how my grandmother raised five children, took care of her elderly parents and in-laws, grew food in the garden and brought it in daily, cooked and cleaned and canned…how in the world did she manage? How did she find the time? The energy? Who taught her how to keep house, plant vegetables, and raise children?

That’s why I devote myself to helping other grandparents create books that dive into what matters — the lessons, advice, and wisdom that are sorely needed in this modern age. I believe this connects grandchildren to nature, resources for self-sufficiency, notions of elbow grease and hard work, and much, much more.

Connect with a Ghostwriter

Are you in search of a  book editor and ghostwriter to help you write a family book? You’ve come to the right place!

Email me today at melaniesaxton@icloud.com, and let’s talk about your project.