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Ghostwriting Services

I provide ghostwriting services for authors throughout the U.S. and in Canada, Australia, the UK, Switzerland, and Europe.

If you are thinking about writing your unique story but aren’t sure how, now is a great time to get in touch with me for ghostwriting services! A fresh new year awaits us in 2024 — how exciting to put together a plan and finally finish your manuscript!

Perhaps you want to dive into your ancestry or share genealogical information. I can help explore your roots. I’m an excellent researcher and love to dig through publicly accessible records to acquire, fact-check, and reconcile the finer details.

My Ghostwriting Services

Generally, memoirs, autobiographies, and legacy books are at the top of my ghostwriting projects. I’ll work with you to plot a story arc, include details that are important to you, and define your journey.

You may have stacks of notes, diaries, and journals. You may have boxes of newspaper clippings and documents. I’ve had clients scan and email this information or upload it to a shared Dropbox. I’ve also had clients who opted to “snail mail” this information to my address so I can sort through it. My only caveat is that you send copies of precious information rather than originals because I often freely mark up as I dig through (and I don’t want to be responsible for ruining originals).

Below are some helpful links about my autobiography, memoir, and legacy book ghostwriting services. Please check them out for useful information and tips.


Connect With Me

It’s truly an honor to collaborate with authors who have lived amazing lives and have amazing stories to share. If you need help with your book project, please contact me. Let’s discuss your story and plan a way forward.