Why Businesses Should Blog

Businesses Should Blog

Businesses should blog for a number of reasons. Why? A blog is a marketing resource that helps increase your online footprint, get your message out there, and draw people to your products and services. It bridges time and space and can introduce your goods and services to audiences far and wide.

For instance, if you are an author, you certainly want book sales…but how can anyone buy your book if they don’t know it exists?

The same goes for any enterprise, from startups to larger brands.

Everyone on the planet who speaks your language and has an interest in what you offer should be able to find you. A well-done, keyword-rich blog post feeds the search engines and draws this valuable traffic to your site. The more you share well-crafted, optimized posts, the more attention your site receives. Since your ultimate goal is to convert “browsing” into sales, SEO blogging — search engine optimization — is a remarkably effective way to spark interest.

That’s where I can help.



Businesses Should Blog as a Marketing Strategy

Why isn’t my phone ringing?

Why isn’t my business ranking?

If these questions plague you, then it’s time to evaluate your marketing efforts. The bottom line is…no one can utilize your company if they don’t know it exists! The world is a competitive place, and your best option is to use the skillsets of a professional blogger. Emphasis on PROFESSIONAL!

A trained blogger understands the best practices and how digital marketing works. My graduate coursework in digital media has upgraded my proficiency in online marketing strategies to new heights, and my custom content definitely feeds the search engines. That’s the key — drawing traffic to your stand-out site.

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