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Custom Newsletter Services


Custom newsletter services spread your brand, your message, and your online reach. There are dozens of reasons why this marketing approach works, and here are the top six (in my opinion):

  • Newsletters bridge a gap and connect you to people who are interested in your products and services.
  • Potential clients learn about your company and its mission and values.
  • Newsletters are hyperlinked to your website, driving traffic to your content.
  • Potential clients benefit from realtime news — tips, trends, and industry information.
  • Potential clients can take advantage of promotions and sales.
  • Potential clients can share your newsletters with others, further promoting what you offer.


Custom Newsletter Services For Reach and Connection

I’ve had many clients come to me wondering why their site isn’t gaining traction. My first response is, “Are you implementing the best industry-standard practices?” Usually, the answer is, “What are the standards?”

Then, I explain the wonders of integrated marketing, where powerful digital marketing efforts overlap and work together across channels and touch points. By the way, I studied these techniques in my digital media graduate coursework. Strategic integration reinforces your brand, message, and results.

NEWSLETTERS are part of the integration.

A Litmus report (updated October 2023) states that you get $36 ROI (return on investment) for every $1 spent in email marketing. Therefore, newsletters get results!

Custom Newsletter Services

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