Digital Media Assistance

Honestly, I pursued a much later-in-life master’s degree in mass comm / digital media to inspire my daughter to do the same AND to provide expert digital media assistance to authors and businesses.

Digital Media Assistance

Count on me for digital media assistance to enhance and expand your online footprint.

First, the coursework offered in my bachelor’s of English involved creative writing, the conventions of English language, literary devices, copyediting, and, of course, American and British literature. The training and studying became a solid foundation for book editing, ghostwriting, and providing copywriting services to businesses.

Subject Matter Expertise

But what about books that are about to launch into today’s competitive marketplace? Early on, authors began asking me for help in their online efforts to sell their books. The big, bold frontier of self-publishing had erupted, and the question became — How do I navigate cyberspace and build marketing opportunities?

That’s where my digital media graduate studies come in handy. My coursework encompassed:

  • Social Media
  • Websites
  • Blogging
  • Advertising
  • Marketing
  • Communications
  • Digital Media Law and Ethics
  • And even scriptwriting!

Digital Media Assistance for Authors

When authors come to me for digital media assistance, I offer them the following:

  • Social media administration
  • Social media monitoring
  • Optimized Website Content Writing
  • SEO business blogging (and yes, your book IS your business)
  • Ad copy and slogans
  • Marketing content and coordination, including press releases, newsletters, and arranging book signings, book readings, and potential podcasts and radio spots
  • Communication initiatives, including talking points for interviews and scripts for Powerpoint presentations
  • Digital media ethics, including pointing clients to copyright and intellectual property resources
  • And adapting books to screenplays (and vice versa)

Digital Media Assistance for Businesses

I help companies gain traction on the internet through the services above, and also B2B and B2C marketing initiatives.

It’s Not As Overwhelming As it Sounds

Your biggest priority is getting your book written and edited — something only you could envision and accomplish. You are not expected to be a Jack of all trades and automatically know how to market your book.

That’s where professionals like me can help. We are trained in the art and science of marketing, and in this case, within the specifics of the literary and publishing industry.

Let’s Connect

Contact me at with questions about digital marketing. I’m happy to answer your questions and help you put a marketing plan together!