Blogging for Authors

blogging for authors

How can readers buy your book if they don’t know it exists?

Anyone with a book to sell needs online momentum, and I offer keyword-rich, optimized blogging for authors — a service that effectively promotes your book. Many authors ask me about book marketing options, and I tell them that a website and blog are their most powerful marketing tools. Blogs are the engine that draws traffic to their site.

Consistent blogging feeds the search engines and can establish you as an authority in your genre and amongst competing titles.

When Blogging for Authors, I’m Helping to Spread the Word About New Books!

Ideally, your book should have a website, blog, and social media presence. I recommend WordPress because it’s a dream to optimize.

Effective blogging techniques should be included in your marketing plan. Blog posts can discuss exciting upcoming events such as book signings, book readings, podcast appearances, and other events.

But there’s so much more value to blogging. A blog on a WordPress site can be a repository of calls to action that move website visitors into the realm of “customer.” Blog posts should have both internal and external links, with external links leading to Amazon or other bookseller sites.

Calls to Action — Buy the Book!

Calls to action within each post can include any variation of “click here to buy the book,” “Order your ebook,” “Get your copy now,” etc.

If applicable, you can use buttons and prompts to take online visitors to your review page as well, where they’ll see reader feedback and, hopefully, five-star commentary! Speaking of which, below is a blogging recommendation from one of my author clients.

Blogging for Authors — Feedback from an Author Client
“I left a glowing review for Melanie’s book editing skills, and am following up with a recommendation for her digital writing skills. Definitely hire her for your blogging needs. She populated my website, optimized the content, and began a series of blogs with a focus on World War II, as well as current events. She’s a great wordsmith and knows what she’s doing.” ~ Mike Gutter, Author
See more testimonials HERE!

Invite Readers Into Your World

Blog posts can also capture your musings, beliefs, philosophies, and the motives behind writing a fiction or blogging for authorsnonfiction manuscript — perhaps a place for your personal op-eds. It can be a platform that weighs in on current or past events as well. Most importantly, blog posts can be cross-posted across your social media, again, stirring interest and drawing readers back to your site.


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