Free Social Media For Authors…and When to Invest in Paid Social Media

The beauty of platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn is that they provide a means of free social media for authors. The goal is to:

  • Pull your readers to these designated platforms
  • Connect and interact with them
  • Announce book signings or news about your book (including special sales)
  • Post feel-good, inspirational messages that uplift your audience
  • Point new customers to your Amazon link and/or other bookseller sites

Social Media For Authors

Free Social Media For Authors — Overview

It’s not exactly rocket science to set up social media pages, but there are steps in doing so, and it can be confusing until you get the hang of all your platforms.


You probably already have a personal Facebook account, but be sure and set up an author Facebook page (a form of a business page) as well.  Use your book cover image, and invite your circle of friends and colleagues to follow along. Then post at least three times a week to beef up your engagement — and use hashtags as well. Kindlepreneur shares step-by-step instructions here.


You probably already have a Twitter page but consider setting up an official author Twitter page with the same distinct branding and series of posts. See the how-tos on 


Then you’ll set up an official Instagram page, and ditto the above. Kindlepreneur shares step-by-step instructions here.


You probably already have a personal LinkedIn, but be sure and set up a professional LinkedIn page as well. The YouTube video below can help.


Paid Social Media

Well, what if none of this comes naturally? Social media creation and administration isn’t for everyone. Certainly, you need it, but you might feel lost in the process (like a “deer in the headlights”).

Seek help rather than give up. I can assist you with the creation and use of valuable social media platforms. You can also look into marketing agencies that specialize in the art and science of online promotion.

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