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Business Blogging Service

See and not that effective content creation makes all the difference. Choose Melanie Saxton’s professional business blogging service with more than a decade of effective blogging experience.


The simple truth is that businesses must have an online presence. Unless you run a strictly word-of-mouth enterprise, your digital footprint puts you in front of those searching for your goods and services and helps propel you to success.

The bottom line is that the search engines must find you.

What is the best way to make that happen?

business blogging service

Organic SEO

Blogging should provide value and is part of your marketing content efforts.

Blogging done right is an amazing strategy I provide for feeding search engines and drawing traffic. Emphasis on done right! Effective blogging is a form of organic search engine optimization (SEO), ushering your website content into the cyber world to rank for specific keywords.

What does “organic” mean? Well, rather than maintaining a Google account and setting up pay-per-click ads, some businesses rely on publishing customized SEO blogging content right from their own websites to feed search engines. Note that some companies do both — paid search advertising and organic blogging.

A business blogger is trained in the art and science of drawing traffic to your site while at the same time weaving compelling (and often beautiful) narratives around your brand. Therefore, SEO blogging has a storytelling quality while at the same time landing on the “radar” of bots, spiders, crawlers, etc.

Blogging done right is time-consuming. From topics to research to adding images and alt tags, it takes a great deal of brain power and labor to earn the traffic you need. That’s why it’s wise to hire a professional blogger who knows the metrics and takes the headache out of the process.

Learn more here and here.

What NOT To Do

It’s not at all effective to throw words onto a post without considering your competition, your keywords, and what you hope to achieve—namely, conversions to sales. Blogging is not a stream-of-consciousness endeavor. It’s a strategic mastery of keyword and keyphrase density, meta descriptions, alt tags, slugs, and so much more. That’s what I do — optimize your website copy to feed search engines and draw traffic.


Questions About My Business Blogging Service?

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