Historical Fiction Golf Editor — The Pepperford Cup by Author David Irwin

Historical Fiction Golf Editor

As a historical fiction book editor, I was honored to work on Book Two of The Last Caddy Series.

As a historical fiction golf editor, I enjoy collaborating with authors on novels in country club settings or golf tours. One recent project was a delight — The Pepperford Cup (The Last Caddy Series Book Two) by David Irwin. What a fun book by a two-time author!

Amazon Listing Description

Often authors ask for ideas and editing help for back cover blurbs and Amazon listing descriptions. Below is the outcome of our brainstorming for The Pepperford Cup:

“The Pepperford Cup is a sequel to The Last Caddy, an award-winning novel. If you’re a golfer, country club member, or fan of historical fiction, enjoy another romp through small-town New Hampshire’s lives, loves, and hijinks at the Potash Country Club.

No one knew that lifelong caddy Frank Carter had written a book-length diary. When he died in his one-room cabin on the Potash Country Club grounds, the discovery raised eyebrows. The old looper’s bird’s-eye view captured the backstories of some of the most notable members–and one presidential visitor.

Frank’s last instructions were to leave his musings in the care of Tommy Wilson, once a boy on the country club grounds and now all grown up. Tommy, struck by this treasure trove of memories, crafted an official account for the country club’s 75th-anniversary celebration. Thanks to Tommy (and posthumously Frank), the history and fabric of the club live on.”

Adventures of a Historical Fiction Golf Editor

I live, eat, and breathe these poignant tales of bygone eras! As I worked through David’s manuscript, it felt like I was part of a grand adventure. I was transported back to the 1930s and then progressed through 50 years of stories, gossip, legend, and lore.

It left me wanting a trilogy, and I hope David writes a follow-up to the series.

I should mention that my journalism endeavors have also covered golf topics. Check out “The Sanctuary — Bluejack National: Rewind and Refresh,” about an award-winning private residential club and home to the first Tiger Woods-designed golf course. Golfweek designated Bluejack as #1 Texas and #18 of the top 200 residential golf courses in the United States. It’s located in Montgomery, Texas, not too far from the famed Lake Conroe.

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