Who Needs a Marketplace Copywriter?

It takes training and experience to become a top-of-the-line marketplace copywriter. A professional copywriter invests in marketing training, hones skill sets, has years of experience, and maintains a portfolio of happy clients.

That’s the whole point — helping business owners, nonprofits, and authors reach their full messaging potential!


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Marketplace Copywriter


Marketplace Copywriter — to the Rescue!

I work in the world of words, from book editing, ghostwriting, and copyediting to editorial journalism. In fact, journalism is what led me to specialize in copywriting. Some of my interviewees need help with their marketing and communication efforts, such as press releases, newsletters, e-blasts, ad copy, blogging, web content, and scripting for videos.

The fact is, people need assistance in a very competitive online marketplace. That’s part of the reason I’ve pursued a much later-in-life master’s degree in digital media. Whether there are books to sell or goods and services to promote, a seasoned marketplace copywriter creates content that sparks interest and engages with the right audiences.


Rely on me for your website content, ads, emails, newsletters, press releases, documents, scripts, blog posts, and more!

I create content across various media (including print) and specialize in populating websites, SEO blogging, and social media. I problem-solve and address dilemmas that shopkeepers and small-to-medium businesses face in “seemingly” saturated markets. Breakthroughs hinge on SEO know-how, a deep understanding of what clients offer, and how it fills a need or desire in the marketplace.

A Flair for the Written Word

Copywriting projects may call for a cool vibe or sophisticated wordsmithing. It really is a blend of art and science.

The most successful marketplace copywriters wear several hats. They know the “who, what, when, where, why, and how” of keywords and SEO, literary style guides such as AP and the Chicago Manual of Style, and the gift of storytelling.

Pour those ingredients into a jar and shake it — and you have a well-rounded copywriter!


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