Hire a Blogger

When it’s time to hire a blogger, what better candidate is there than an award-winning journalist and book editor? That’s me! I absolutely love the wordsmithing and technical aspects of blogging. It’s a specialty type of content creation. Writing effective blog posts is a blend of art and science and comes with a dual audience: humans and bots.

Yes, professional bloggers keep in mind the customer base AND the search engines that drive traffic back to a website. What we write must be marketing-focused, and at the same time, optimized for web searching and browsing.

Hire a Blogger Who Knows What’s She’s Doing

I’m not kidding when I say that WordPress SEO expertise is a must. I’m a highly-experienced in WordPress blogging methods and am trained to turn a “so-so” blog site into a super blog site!

If you are looking for a blogger, make sure she’s well-versed in the technical features:

  • Previously used keywords and keyphrases
  • Outbound and internal links
  • Text length
  • Image placement
  • Image keyphrase
  • SEO title length
  • How the keyphrase works in the SEO title and introduction
  • What keyphrase length and density means
  • How the keyphrase works in subheadings, the slug, and the meta description
  • The appropriate meta-description length
  • And much more!

Your blogger should be a skilled copyeditor who is familiar with writing style guides:hire a blogger

  • Copywriting according to AP style
  • Copywriting according to the Chicago Manual of Style
  • Copywriting according to the customer’s “house” style

Also, make sure your blogger is well-versed in the conventions of English and best language practices:

  • Misspellings
  • Typos
  • Grammatical errors
  • Tense
  • Subject-verb agreement
  • Hyphenation
  • Mislabeling
  • Awkward transitions

The Point in Hiring a Blogger…

I always tell clients that search engines love news and consider blog posts to be news…IF the content is fresh, optimized, useful and compelling. Thus, blogging is one of the most cost-effective ways to get your products and services in front of the public. Cyber marketing is the way to go in our online world, and blogging is at the forefront.

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I’d love to consult with you about your blogging needs. Strategy and planning come with the territory! Email me at melaniesaxton@icloud.com, and let’s get started today!