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It’s so nice to own my standalone name — Melanie Saxton — in a domain once again! The backstory is that I’ve always owned Melanie Saxton Media (, and I also purchased

But instead of renewing, I inadvertently let the domain name slip through the cracks a while back. Someone snapped it up and offered to sell it back to me for thousands and thousands of dollars. It’s taken more than a year to patiently reclaim it — for next to nothing. Now, if anyone searches for my website and types in, they’ll be pointed to my media site.

If you are a literary person and own multiple websites, staying on top of when they expire/renew can spare you the agony of losing out on these valuable platforms. Whether you point your domains back to a well-known site or create landing pages for each, your online presence is enhanced when you take ownership — and responsibility — for your digital footprint.

Fortunately for me, my website was developed (and is maintained) by Holly Chervnsik of SuburbanBuzz. Not only is she one of my very best friends, but is also the person I recommend for manuscript formatting, book cover design, and uploading books to Amazon through

Melanie Saxton Media — Business BloggingMelanie Saxton Media

Both and  provide book editing, ghostwriting, manuscript evaluations, copyediting, marketing, and business blogging services to authors and companies.

The business blogging part of my business has grown over the years and is one of my favorite services. Extensive training, lots of practice, and back admin access on various industry sites have shaped me into a WordPress SEO specialist. Whether blogging, populating web pages, or optimizing content, I help authors elevate their online footprint and companies achieve better online traction. Of course, the goal is to convert interest into customer sales!

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If you are in need of custom blogging services or have questions about the cost and process, send an email to We’ll consult about timelines, deliverables, and strategy before launching your brand-new marketing blog!