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As a storytelling editor, it’s fun to share holidays that uplift the literary community. National Storytelling Week is one of those yearly festivities, spanning from January 30 to February 5, 2023, and is celebrated around the globe and especially across the pond (perhaps more so than in America).

This event celebrates storytellers and the storytelling cultures and practices. According to the National Literacy Trust (UK), “To celebrate storytelling week, taking place from 30 January to 5 February 2023, we have created a fantastic programme of events and resources that will enable you to take your pupils on a journey from listening to stories to becoming young storytellers themselves.”

The BBC shares a collection of teaching resources for primary and secondary schools, perfect for inspiring the joy of reading during National Storytelling Week.

Storytelling Editor

A storytelling editor works with the author to help bring a story to life (written and oral).

The Power of Sharing Stories

I stumbled across an article titled “The Power of a Story: 50 Years of the National Storytelling Festival,” which was an interesting read about “…ballads, poetry, other oral traditions, and even cultural expressions like food and craft, anything that “tells the world who we are and where we come from.” Indeed, sharing stories is much like sharing experiences, culture, beliefs, legends, lore, and whatever elements make a good story.

You can buy tickets for the festival at, which will be held in Jonesborough, Tennessee on October 6 through 8, 2023.

Dagenham Park Church of England School

For more information, watch the YouTube video below about National Storytelling Week from the Dagenham Park Church of England School.

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