Editing Retainer


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editing retainer

An Editing Retainer Ensures You’ll Receive the Time and Attention You Deserve — When You Need It!

If this is your year to start your manuscript, finish your novel, invest in editing, or get serious about marketing, then reserve your spot! I never know what projects will come my way, and scheduling clients in advance ensures that they’ll receive my time and attention without a mad rush!

editing retainer

At Your Leisure and Convenience, and Worry-Free!

Take your time. If it’s February and you anticipate a June start date, then schedule ahead. Retainers are generally $500 for larger projects like book editing and ghostwriting, and less for smaller projects like blog launches.

The retainer is credited against the overall project cost, meaning you don’t pay extra to reserve a spot on my editorial calendar. The upfront fee ensures your project is scheduled and won’t be bumped or shuffled — unless you need it moved to a later date. This is why the retainer is nonrefundable — I block out time, and either turn business away or negotiate a start date that doesn’t conflict with yours when scheduling other clients.

In other words, I move heaven and earth to accommodate your reservation, so be sure you are comfortable with your date and also keep in mind other dates in case you need to reschedule.

Past and Current Projects

It means everything that clients trust me with the following projects:

Book Editing

  • Fiction and nonfiction, sci-fi, thrillers, fantasies, romance novels, how-tos, self-help, training guides, technical manuals, faith-based, political, YA, middle grade, children’s books, and other genres!


  • Autobiographies, memoirs, legacy books, historical fiction, upmarket fiction, romance novels, sci-fi, thrillers, politics, societal issues and observations, and more!

Blogging and Web Copy

  • SEO blogging, keyword-rich and powerful web pages, industry-standard best practices, researched and wordsmithed to be compelling, created to reach target audiences, and written with expertise across industries.


  • Press releases, newsletters, e-blasts, ad copy, marketing content, white papers, custom blogging, and editorial for physicians, hospital systems, veterinarians, academia, lawyers, business owners, skilled trades, nonprofits, and more.

Social media

  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, crossposting blog posts, scheduling posts, adding engaging content, administering and monitoring social media pages


Connect with Me!

I’d love to consult with you about your editing and writing needs, and the start date timeline you have in mind. Strategy and planning come with the territory! Email me at melaniesaxton@icloud.com, and let’s get started today!