Copywriting Corporate Books

I help business leaders chronicle their journeys by copywriting corporate books and ghostwriting memoirs and autobiographies.

Corporate books can include the trajectory upward, from founding to Fortune 500 status. These nonfiction books might include copywriting corporate bookscontributions from the people who helped make it happen — the initial visionaries, founding members, executive teams, boards of directors, account executives, creative directors, advertising managers, brand ambassadors, and even the end users of products and services (the customer).

I either write or edit these amazing books for business clients or on behalf of authors who cover the topics below.

Types of Business Books — the Serious Lens

When copywriting corporate books, I keep in mind the varieties of literature encompassing “business.”

Some business topics focus on strategy and the “how-tos” of success. Others focus on self-help for emerging entrepreneurs, consumer psychology, and best business practices for our modern times. Take a look at the Forbes article “7 Great Business Books You Must Read” for ideas from 2020. Forbes also published “10 Best Business Books Of 2022.” It’s worth it to check out Business Insider’s “The 29 best business books to read in 2023, ranked by Goodreads members” for more inspiration as well.

Market trends, sector trends, financial trends, economic trends, etc., are ever-changing. Business books can capture these adventures and explain how each hurdle was successfully or unsuccessfully navigated. Also, some authors prognosticate future scenarios and share “battle plans” for surviving and thriving in upcoming years and decades.

Copywriting Corporate Books on a Lighter Note

The Next Big Idea Club shared a fun article in 2021 titled “5 Business Books That Are Surprisingly Fun to Read.” This is another approach to business — the inclusion of humor and even comedy — that appeals to audiences who wish to forego heavier undertones.

These types of corporate books can be authored by fashion icons, retail giants, and business moguls who took unconventional paths and accumulated unusual — and funny — stories. This “laugh while you learn” type of genre can be quite refreshing in the corporate landscape. The books are as enjoyable to write as they are to read!

Autobiographies and Memoirs

Two of my favorite types of corporate books are memoirs and autobiographies (especially those I’ve ghostwritten). The author wraps his or her life story around escapades in the business world, often building companies as they grow their families and adjust to changing landscapes, both personal and professional.

Recent editing collaborations include Joan Sullivan Garrett’s One Life Lost, Millions Gained: The Story of a Flight Nurse Turned MedAire CEO and Pettis Norman’s The Pettis Norman Story: A Journey through the Cotton Fields, to the Super Bowl, and into Servant Leadership.

What an honor to be trusted with these manuscripts and work with authors who have invented, envisioned, labored, and sacrificed to build their empires. Thanks to them, hundreds have found employment and thousands have been inspired to create their own businesses from the ground up.

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