Custom Blogging For Your Business

There are many, many benefits to custom blogging for your business. Whether you are an author, a physician, an attorney, a home builder, a Realtor, a plumber, an electrician, an HVAC specialist,  or a fashion brand…you need to be blogging!

Here’s why.

Custom Blogging For Your Business

Why Hire a Professional Blogger?

The truth is that no one can buy your product or service if they don’t know it exists.

Your #1 marketing platform is your website and blog. Yes, you may run ads. You may go to others to promote your product. But your very own resource, especially your blog, is the engine that keeps the traffic flowing.

You see, a dormant website is simply a placeholder. Imagine if it works as hard as you do! That’s the reason for blogging. Custom blogging for your business feeds the search engines. Each post is keyword rich and optimized to draw buyers to your site.

How It Works

A professional blogger is highly trained in search engine optimization. Professional bloggers are also wordsmiths who can write for people and bots at the same time. For instance, each WordPress blog post involves technical skills that make the best use of H2 and H3 headings, key phrases, alt image descriptions, SEO titles, word count, and all the complex “best practices” that ensure it competes well in a saturated digital world.

Search engines love news and consider blogs to be newsworthy — as long as the posts offer fresh, compelling, and useful information to end users.

So in addition to website traffic, blog posts are also meant to be read by potential customers. Therefore, combining technique with compelling editorial is the basis of business blogging. Each post should be beautifully written and strongly optimized — the art and science I specialize in.

Ineffective blogs are written without these bells and whistles — usually, because the blogger doesn’t know any better. So if you invest in a blogger, make sure you are getting your money’s worth. Ask the hard questions as you interview candidates.

What to Expect from a Business Blogger

Ask potential bloggers about their portfolios, their length of experience, their SEO training (and ongoing training), and their background in the conventions of English. Are they professional writers? Do they understand style guides such as AP and the Chicago Manual of Style? Do they have access to images (licensed or permitted — and not ripped off the internet)?

Ask bloggers about their understanding of your industry. Do they have a grasp of your goods and services? Do they have a plan for your blogging needs? Have they researched your competitors?

And as always, you should expect value for hire. A professional business blogger will offer competitive rates without overcharging.

All of these components are vital to your success. Hire a blogger who knows what she’s doing and can prove her worth.

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