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Of course you do! Everyone can benefit from helpful writing tips, whether you’re an emerging author, a veteran novelist, or a small business owner in a competitive market!

  • Get expert advice from a book editor, ghostwriter, blogger, SEO marketing copywriter, and content creator with decades of experience.
  • I’ve worked with many authors, many genres, many publications, and many small businesses. That’s how I became a gatherer of tips, myself!
  • I’ll keep adding nuggets of wisdom to help clients and potential clients well into the future.
  • These writing tips are inspired by questions from the authors who trust me with their manuscripts, as well as the magazine assignments I chase and the copywriting and marketing content jobs I accumulate.
  • I love sharing information and welcome your comments.
  • Got questions? Ask me, and I’ll do my best to answer!

Book Marketing Ideas

You can never have enough book marketing ideas, and the time to start thinking about promoting your book is while you are writing it. Once you’ve had it professionally edited and are about to launch it into the literary realm, […]

Digital Media Assistance

Honestly, I pursued a much later-in-life master’s degree in mass comm / digital media to inspire my daughter to do the same AND to provide expert digital media assistance to authors and businesses. First, the coursework offered in my bachelor’s […]

Blogging for Authors

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