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Of course you do! Everyone can benefit from helpful writing tips, whether you’re an emerging author or veteran novelist! Get expert advice from a book editor, ghostwriter, blogger and content developer with decades of experience. I’ve worked with many authors, many genres and many publications, and became an gatherer of tips, myself! I love sharing information and welcome your comments. I’ll keep adding nuggets of wisdom to help clients and potential clients well into the future. Perhaps you’d like to share some, yourself! These writing tips are inspired by questions from the authors who trust me with their manuscripts, as well as the magazine assignments I chase. Got questions? Ask me and I’ll do my best to answer.

Proofreading Marks

Remember the old days when editors handwrote proofreading marks on paper manuscripts? This antiquated editing style still has its place in, say, classrooms. An English teacher can relay a lot of information with these marks… that is, if students understand […]

Self-Publishing Success

I’m frequently asked about self-publishing success and how to launch a self-published book into the stratosphere. I talk about publishing here, but have added more below on what I believe are the “musts” regarding traction for your book. Note that […]

Biography Ghostwriter

I gained a lot of expertise as a biography ghostwriter (and autobiography and memoir ghostwriter as well) while working as a journalist. In a field of multiple subjects and assignments, I often found a topic to explore and pitched the […]

Ghostwriting Journalist

As an English major with graduate coursework in digital media, I write books, edit books, and take magazine assignments at times. Take a look at one of my favorite articles published in American Cowboy, a national magazine. You might wonder, […]

About Ghostwriting

I’ve had several inquiries recently about ghostwriting and what it involves. I point prospective authors to the pages and posts on my website, filled with a glorious amount of information! I’m the ghostwriter… YOU are the author. It’s your story, […]

Science Book Editor

Whether working on medical, environmental, technical, or academic manuscripts, a science book editor needs ongoing training in these disciplines. For this reason, I recently joined the Council of Science Editors (CSE), “a dynamic community of editorial professionals dedicated to the […]