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Enjoy the article below published in June 2023 in The Woodlands City Lifestyle. Great ideas about home extensions and updating underused space can help homeowners make the most of square footage.


Article by Melanie Saxton
Photography by Provided/Presley Daniel
Originally published in The Woodlands City Lifestyle


Some homeowners, especially with busy families and multiple hobbies, achieve form, function, and aesthetics by using neglected spaces to their full potential. Investing in garage makeovers and deck buildouts (especially at weekend and lake homes) can yield long-term benefits—and a clutter-free lifestyle.

Grand Garages

Homeowners invest in landscaping, curb appeal, kitchens, and baths…but not necessarily their garages. Steven Hempel of Garage Living of Houston aims to change that mindset. “The garage, one of the most entered rooms of the house, should not be the blemish,” he says. “We provide custom solutions that create an extension of where you live and how you live.”

Some clients start with garage floor coatings or interlocking tiles that transform dusty, unsightly, and unfinished surfaces into clean spaces that are waterproof and durable. The abrasion and impact resistance can’t be beat.

Garage cabinets in modular systems and custom options can truly be life-changing. Say goodbye to clutter and chaos and hello to high-quality upgrades and multi-purpose storage solutions, including pull-out shelving, trash bin concealment, coat closets, and substitute mudrooms. Easy-to-clean custom slat panel walls can also be installed to hang tools, camping equipment, and sports and leisure gear.

Heavy-duty specialty overhead storage is ideal for bike racks, golf bags, fold-away workbenches, bulky seasonal items such as holiday décor and patio furniture, and more. Suddenly, your garage is both stunning and organized for you and your family.

Wall-mounted tire racks are an option for car enthusiasts, as well as 4-post car lifts that double the parking capacity at your residence. “We worked with a client who was renovating his entire home and wanted a garage that would accommodate his growing collection of cars,” says Stephen. “The home was formerly owned by Gene Cernan, who was the last man to walk on the moon, so the owner wanted to pay homage to that bit of history. To do so, we built out a truly spectacular 1600 square foot space in colors similar to those of the NASA logo and, once finished, commissioned a local artist to create a small mural above the cabinet system of the Earth and Moon.” A complimentary design consultation will determine floor space, ceiling height, and garage door placement requirements.

Last but not least, climate-controlled garages can be configured for work-from-home offices and gyms and designed for hobbyists as well. Visit garageliving.com/f/houston to learn more about the possibilities.

Extraordinary Decks

Decks built around homes, especially at lake houses and vacation properties, bring the indoors outside and can provide practical storage ideas that make kayaks, paddle boards, oars, and other equipment a part of the décor. It’s a form of efficient hardscaping that goes hand-in-hand with landscaping and turns a house into a showpiece.

home writer

Jerrica George, a superhost, owns the “House of Views” at 207 Capetown in April Sound, an iconic neighborhood in Montgomery. The home is a fun and “decked out” Airbnb that makes the most of the lake-facing backyard and open water.

“The two-story deck is definitely a draw,” says Jerrica. “It provides both privacy and scenery on Lake Conroe.” Extending from the upstairs, over the patio, across the bulkhead and boat dock, and into the lake, it boasts a million-dollar view as well as ample outdoor living space. Couples and families gather, barbecue, dine, sunbathe, swim, fish, kayak, and paddle board in a layout that’s highly functional. Equipment is stowed as a type of usable backyard art, with relaxing sunsets and a hot tub. Everything else evokes a sense of lake living and adventure.

“The key is to maximize the space so that it appears sprawling yet remains organized, free of clutter, and easy to navigate,” says Jerrica. The top and bottom decks do just that, accommodating guests and bringing enjoyment to vacationers. Learn more about the House of Views at airbnb.com or email georgefamily08@gmail.com.

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