Houston Book Editing Services

Houston Book Editing Services

Houston book editing services

Melanie Saxton, Houston book editor, ghostwriter and copywriter

Hi! If you need Houston book editing services, I’ll be happy to take a look at your manuscript. I assess it for word count and the amount of editing necessary. Perhaps you only need proofreading. Perhaps you need more substantial editing. I assist authors with developmental editing and ghostwriting, as well. It is not uncommon for me to add content to a manuscript when it’s needed, or at the very least suggest tweaks and rewrites.

I’m a collaborative editor. All of my suggestions are captured in the tracker tool in a Word document — my edits and comments show up in color. You see exactly what I do, and I’m happy to explain the rationale behind these edits. My goal is to edit (and write) in your voice, so your work remains authentic and precisely what you envision.

Local and Worldwide Clients

I enjoy working with authors and have offered Houston book editing services more than three decades. My clients are located all over the state of Texas, and I also edit books written by authors across the nation, in Europe, in Canada and in Australia. It’s easy to collaborate with Skype and Facetime when needed, and whether you prefer British English or American English, I can accommodate your wishes.

I’m an author myself and understand the trust it takes to relinquish a manuscript. Turning it over to a stranger can be daunting. However, two sets of eyes are certainly better than one, and I usually become friends with my clients, often on Facebook. Some hire me to edit their sequels and prequels. Some hire me to adapt their books to screenplays.

Contact Me for Book Editing Services

If you are interested in having your book edited or turned into a screenplay, please contact me at melaniesaxton@icloud.com. We can discuss your project in depth, including price, timeline, and deliverables. Let’s get started!