Why Publicist Services Can Help

publicist services
Photography by Niki // Houston, Texas // Branding Portrait Photographer

What’s a Publicist?

A publicist is a highly trained, highly experienced consultant who provides publicist services that can help clients in many ways.

  • Deliver messages
  • Use the right platforms
  • Determine target groups
  • Promote a public image
  • Increase sales
  • Connect and engage

A Publicist in the World of Words

It’s one thing to write a book or screenplay. It’s quite another to launch the project and get it in front of the right people. A good publicist will seek opportunities to do just that.

In my case, the online world comes into play. We have to meet audiences where they are — in cyberspace — in order to connect and engage.

  • Social media is one of the most effective tools to bring you and your target groups together. I administer Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts. I also run ads on Facebook to target specific audiences who are interested in your topic, genre, product or service.
  • Website content and blogging is also important. Often your blog can be linked and posted to your social media platforms for additional engagement and impressions. I write blogs that are highly optimized and feed the search engines.
  • Newsletters are a great way to connect, especially if you have an opt-in mailing list function on your website. I write newsletters and deploy them through Constant Contact or iContact to your recipient list.
  • A well-written press release can get your story in front of newspaper editors and journalists who are in the business of sharing news. I write and deploy press releases to your contact list or can use various PR services for outreach.
  • I can also arrange interviews with the media — radio, podcasts, blog tours and journalists.
  • Perhaps you want a Wikipedia page or have an existing page that needs updated or corrected. I’m a Wiki editor who can do precisely that.
  • You might have an IMDb page (Internet Movie Database) that needs updating. I’m a publicist on IMDb Pro and can help.

Have Questions about my Publicist Services? Contact Me!

I love to collaborate with clients, no matter their publicity needs. Email me at melaniesaxton@icloud.com and let’s get started!