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As a true crime book editor, I really appreciate the words below, provided by author Ken Wilson. His book, Guilty as Sin, is a novel of suspense, betrayal, and greed inspired by true events. Often authors reach out after a project concludes to share kind words about their book editing experience.

As a retired state investigator and certified fraud examiner, Ken delved into a case that had stuck with him for decades — one in which the wheels of justice were elusive. His work then — and now by writing a true crime book — honors an innocent young victim and exposes unacceptable cracks in the foster care and adoption system.

Ken kindly shared:

“Melanie was absolutely great to work with. Super knowledgeable, helpful, and easy to speak to. She was very prompt with her comments and suggestions and clear in all her communications. I needed a great deal of hand-holding, and Melanie was there for me. It is extremely rare that I give anyone a written recommendation, but I unequivocally do that for Melanie Saxton. I am so glad I found her to help me with my novel, Guilty as Sin. Without her help and encouragement, the manuscript would never see the light of day.” ~ Ken Wilson, retired State Investigator, Certified Fraud Examiner, and author of Guilty as Sin, a novel of suspense, betrayal, and greed inspired by true events

Ken’s book comes in a paperback version and a Kindle version on Amazon. You can see his words on my testimonial here (just scroll down to the True Crime and Crime Fiction section).


True Crime Book Editor

As a true crime book editor, it was an honor to work with Ken Wilson and edit Guilty as Sin.

Back Covers and Amazon Listings

I often help authors, especially self-publishing authors, write their back cover blurbs and Amazon listing descriptions. Here is Ken’s:

All Michael wanted was a safe and loving home and family. By the age of ten, his father had died from a drug overdose, his older brother was someplace in the foster care system, and his mother was in prison. In and out of multiple foster homes, he was finally adopted by his “forever family.”

Instead, three weeks before his eleventh birthday, his autistic friend pulled Michael’s limp body from the water. Did he drown by slipping on rocks and then fall, or was he murdered? Were the ravens right to warn him? Who was the dark shadow behind him? Why would anything this horrible befall such a young and innocent child?

The author “assembles all the pieces of the puzzle” to unravel this “inspired by true events” mystery through the lens of Detective Russ Wyatt.

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