Do you want to turn your books into screenplays? Of course you do!

Screenplays — I learned from the best!

John McLaughlin with Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph.

I’m a professional screenwriter and scriptwriter, trained by none other than screenwriter John McLaughlin of Black Swan and Hitchcock fame. How do I know John McLaughlin? He was my instructor in the digital media master’s program at Sam Houston State University. Let me tell you, there is no better training than working with a renowned Hollywood name, whose talent is evident in his body of work.


Quite often, people use the term “scripts” and “screenplays” interchangeably. But there are some subtle differences. “Script” is a generic term and encompasses screenplays, shooting scripts, continuity scripts, off book scripts, stunt scripts, on the bubble scripts, canon scripts, and more.

What most authors want are screenplays based on their books, which I detail below.


A screenplay is a type of script written for television or film, such as a documentary or major motion picture.

Believe me, there is an art and science to writing screenplays. It’s very different than novel writing, for there is a particular type of formatting required by studios, producers, and directors. In fact, some will tell you it’s much more difficult than writing a novel due to these requirements.

The whole point is to have a screenplay with all the bells and whistles, which can be shopped to studios. Often, real scripts have scenes that never make it into a final movie. Sometimes, screenplays are tweaked. We’ve all seen movies that varied from the book, and studios may take artistic license when doing so. But none of that can happen without a professional screenplay that showcases the story within your novel, memoir, or biography.

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