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Yes, I’m a book editor, but I’m also a writer. One of the things I love most is writing about weddings—something that kept me busy for years. Every month I captured the love stories of wonderful bridal couples and their walk down the aisle. As a Houston area wedding editor and go-to bridal editorial writer, I’ve seen some expensive and over-the-top celebrations, as well as smaller vowel exchanges that are equally beautiful! Cost doesn’t matter, but certainly, photography does.

Bridal Editorial

It’s all about what makes your wedding one of a kind. There’s always a bride and groom, but what creative elements set the event apart? That’s what we look for — the creative elements for exquisite bridal editorial. A good wedding photographer will go for those “editorial” shots that reflect the originality, fun, and ambiance of your special day. In fact, your photographer can ensure your wedding is far from “cookie-cutter” if you explain beforehand what you envision.

Here’s a link to more than fifty weddings that did just that — they knocked it out of the ball field with glorious ideas and images that helped tell the story:

Creativity in a Magazine Wedding

I was drawn to weddings that would inspire future brides, filled with memorable photos that captured:

  • Tabletops
  • Signs
  • DIY touches
  • Clever guest books
  • Unusual photography
  • Fresh floral
  • Thoughtful party favors
  • And more!

If your photographer has captured these images and you are a bride or groom who lives in or grew up in the Houston, TX area, let me know. I’m always on the lookout for the next memorable wedding to capture in very special legacy books, memoirs, biographies, or autobiographies. Sometimes couples want their love stories commemorated in slide presentations or anniversary speeches. Whatever your wishes, I can help.

The Bridal Editorial Process

If you want me to collaborate on a book, I can guide you into recalling the finer details and nuances. The florist, the caterer, the gown designer, all members of the wedding party, the hues of the linens, the dancefloor music, the DJ, and the romance of the first dance.

If you want your special day documented, let me know. Often these fairytale weddings are commemorated in legacy books, a memoir or biography, a family blog, or slide presentations at anniversary celebrations.

It’s exciting, and every wedding is special. Whether you opted for a country-chic theme or a glamorous Hollywood-style ceremony, our readers want to know!

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